When I went to bid on this job, the owners had something a little simpler on their minds. Their old mixer had a red stripe around the cab and hood, basic black lettering, and a big red diamond on the barrel.  I thought it looked a little 70's ish especially on this nice brand new truck... But Hey, what the customer wants... still on the way back to my van, this fellows says  "what I would really love to do is flame it ."  "Flame job?  Flame job?!? "I started jumping up and down excitedly, my eyes spinning in their sockets. "Whoa!  Simmer down their big fella, he says."  The gods upstairs would never go for something like that... and besides, we could never afford it" Wait a minute," I said.  Have you considered the advertising potential of something like that?  You can't afford not to!" Funny thing, the flame job turned out not to cost a whole lot more than the original red stripes and diamonds anyway... Hmmm! Three weeks after they picked up their new truck they entered this flaming cement mixer in the local parade.  Amid a field of over 70 cars, trucks, and street rods, they placed third... and it wasn't even completely finished yet.  Now they're looking at doing the rest of their fleet.   

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