The Highwayman Truck

In the spring of 1999, I was at a truck show selling my truck prints and advertising my graphics business when this fellow walks into my booth talking about this truck (sort of) that he's bought (from some off the air TV show) and how he wants me to completely re-paint it, flame it, and add a logo/mural to it. By this time I'm thinking  that this guy has just come from happy hour at the tavern his Alzheimer's is acting up again or maybe he's a few fries short of a happy meal! I had not considered the possibility that this guy was actually for real and that he has this truck and that he has the means to put this all together. Well... color me WRONG! I was just getting ready to move into a new shop and this was just the project to "Break It In". In the movie the truck was flat black and flat gray. I had my friend re-spray  the flat black to a satin black and the flat gray to silver. I then put on the flame job to replace the scorched panels where the flamethrowers originally were. I then added the "Rhody Cruisers" mural (the logo for their street rod club).  This was really a pain due to all the small ribs I had to paint over. I have since gone back and added a blue stripe around the flame job. I put some silver and blue stripes around the cockpit and around the front of the jet air intakes. I also added some more lettering on the doors and side panels of the cab. There may be more to come... 

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