What do you do when somebody shows up at your shop with a brand new $50,000 Prowler and wants a "REAL" Flame job!? You pick yourself up off the floor... you've just passed out! Next, you sit the customer down to look over ideas and concepts and come up with a budget you'll work in. Next, you pick the customer up off the floor... He's passed out! After all that, you agree on a deal. You start wet-sanding on this $50,000 car and you start praying that you don't screw this thing up! WOW... lotsa pressure. You put down 2 layers of flames. Completely outline pinstriped, with full-on airbrushed highlights, beveled edges and drop shadows. All of this done in "House of Kolor" purple, blue, and magenta candy blends, over a silver base. Everybody loves this one!  

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2005 Artworks Unlimited / Integrity Computers