1972 Chevy Camaro "SS"

 We had for sale a Beautiful 1972 Chevy Camaro "SS". What started out as a project to build my wife a nice clean classic daily driver (her 6th Camaro)...took on a life of it's own, (like they do) and turned into a 6 year odyssey that someone out there will become the beneficiary of.

 We stripped it completely down to bare metal, removed all the logo badges, and resurfaced the entire car. All body seams were gone over individually, and the car was painted with epoxy sealer, primed, and blocked. The blockwork on the body of this car is absolutely outstanding. You will never find a Camaro with a straighter body than this one. After the total prep-job, the car was painted basecoat black and cleared. This clearcoat was wetsanded, and then I pinstriped the car with a very subtle Celtic knotwork pattern, and airbrushed the Chevy logos on. (I am a custom painter by trade.) We then sprayed 6 coats of clear urethane with purple pearl in it over the top of that The depth on this paintjob is outrageous!!! It looks a deep purple candy by day...and glows black by night. I hope the pictures can give you an idea of just how deep this finish is...and how straight this car really is! (check out the reflections)

The entire interior, inside all the doors, the wheelwells, and the trunk have been sprayed with truck-bed-liner to keep out moisture and noise. Even though this car has a performance drivetrain and a throaty exhaust...it is a reasonably quiet car to drive.

O.K. The front clip is 100% brand new. Every bushing, nut, bolt, pin, keyway...they're all new. All the motor mounts, the caliper brackets, the new door hinges and clasps, and spring hangers are all anodiozed.

There is a new 3-core radiator.

The motor has a completely new rebuild on it. It is a 4-bolt main 350 with a 4BBL Carter carb, and a nice moderate duration RV cam. The transmission is a close-ratio 4-speed Muncie, with a Hurst competition shift. This is followed up with a 12-bolt rear end with 3.73 ratio gears. There is a completely new 3" dual exhaust system with Flowmasters on it. And all the wiring under the hood is new.

The tires are new, and mounted on new 15" Craiger "SS" wheels, with chrome knock-off spinners. There are new brakes, brakelines, gas tank, and gas lines.

The interior has the stock black factory door and rear panels, all in excellent condition, but the headliner and carpeting are brand new. The only thing we never got around to redoing was the seats. They are not in bad condition, but we did plan on reupholstering them in the near future. The wiring circuitry behind the dash is new, and this car has the full instrumentation package, including the factory tach.

All the weatherstripping is new. All the glass is new.

The only bugs we have not worked out yet is the fuel gauge doesn't read correctly, the wiper motor shut-off relay isn't reliable, and there is no back-up light switch.

This car is a ball to drive, and draws tons of attention. People are knocked-out by the paintjob, the finish, and by how straight the body lines are. It'll smoke through all the gears with little effort. (We were gonna take it out to the drags just to really see what it'll do, but never have).

 The reason we are selling it is because now as the kids are getting bigger, we needed more of a family car, and have already replaced it with something more practical. It will definitely be a bittersweet ending as I built this car to my wife's idea of the perfect Camaro musclecar...and she knows her cars and loves her Camaros!

We have close to $22,000.00 plus 6 years in time and materials in this car. The first person to secure the $18,000.00 price tag will take it home.


2005 Artworks Unlimited / Integrity Computers