1976 Kawasaki Z-1 900

 Engine Built by:

  Rych Racing & Performance Motorcycles

  • CHP cams
  • (4) 28mm Carbs
  • 10:1 pistons
  • 5 speed
  • Custom High Flow header system
  • Dyna electronic ignition and coils
  • Air Suspension Rear
  • 7" Franks Forks
  • 6" Downtubes / 5" Backbone
  • Front Fork Brace
  • 6" Extended Swingarm
  • Dual Disk Front End
  • Streched Tank
  • Hand formed Spoiler, Side panels & Fenders
  • Hand made Seat with Flames
  • Seat is only 24" High


Today you have a chance to own an absolutely one-of-a-kind, handmade motorcycle. It is not like any other bike out on the road today. The perfect hybrid blend of an all out W.C.C. attitude chopper, combined with the speed, lightness, and agility of a high performance ninja. The bodylines and the paintjob are totally 'knock-out'! Oh, and it weighs only 400lbs.

We started with a 1976 Kawasaki Z-1 900, known for its quickness, smooth running, and ballistic speed and power. The engine was sent to Rych Racing & Performance Motorcycles, (who build stroker & competition drag bikes), for a little 'freshening up'. It now has 10:1 compression, (4) Mukuni carbs w/ washable K&N air filters. It uses Z-1 performance cams, and is fired through Dyna electronic ignition and coils. 140mph would not be out of the question.

When the KZ and the Z-1 series came out in the mid-70's, people were blown away by their speed and power. However, when it came to handling curves, corners, and slow speeds, (anything outside of a straight line)…they had a lot to be desired. The rider sat on top of the frame on a 'banana' type seat. They weren't very comfortable, and the center of gravity was way too high making them very 'top-heavy'. The handling stunk!

We have solved these problems, plus added a few extra benefits.

First, we completely re-designed the frame. By extending the swing-arm by 6", and relocating the battery box and electric panel, we were able to move the rider seat down and backward into the frame, significantly lowering the center of gravity. You now sit 'inside' the frame, feeling more like an actual part of the bike itself. And with the custom made seat, that's very soft plus adds just the right amount of back support…this motorcycle sits very very nice. Oh, and the seat is only 24" from the road…so for a shorter rider, this chassis sits wonderful.

We also wanted to give this bike a lot of 'hardcore attitude', so we brought the front end out & up…giving the bike a very aggressive stance. We installed a set of 7" overlength fork tube from Frank's, along with a set of lower leg supports. The front of the frame was raised 6", and the backbones were stretched 5". By keeping the neck rake stock, we have created a frame that sits level, looks wild, and handles beautifully! It is very well balanced, and rides great with the combination of a longer wheelbase, and the air-ride rear shocks. With the high ground clearance under the frame, you can really 'hammer' it trough the corners. It's a ball to ride.

We realized that when it came to the sheet metal work, we had gone too far to go light now. So we started by stretching the gas tank until it had a nice flow going into the seat. We also eliminated the large stock gas cap, and installed an aircraft style locking flip-top gas cap. We 'bobbed' and smoothed the front fender, and hand formed a custom fiberglass rear fender with molded in turn signals. This was made to slide over a steel 'inner-fender' that has hidden struts and framework. Custom-made aluminum side panels and front spoiler help to hide electrical components, help clean up the body lines, and help ram air onto the engine.

With so much time and care going into building and forming the bodywork, an organically airbrushed liquid flamejob would be just the thing to show off these beautiful bodylines. But we did them with a 'ghosted twist'. You see, from the beginning, the plan was a total 'stealth' paintjob. So after 'blacking' everything out, we ghosted the flamejob in a colbolt blue pearl over everything. It will take your breath away!

I could go on and on about the little features on this bike as well…like the chain-guard/license plate combo, the convertible passenger seat/ sissy bar, that changes over in 5 minutes. How by simply changing handlebars, a much shorter rider would ride very comfortably on this bike.

So, you ask, if this bike runs so good, is so comfortable to ride on, handles so well, and looks so wild…why would I sell it???

Simply…because I need the money. I've put almost 6 years work into designing and building this bike. I love it…but it has to go…I need the money. And my loss will be your gain…and it won't last long at this price!



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